4 Smart Ways to Plan for Blacks Friday and Cyber Monday

4 Smart Ways to Plan for Blacks Friday and Cyber Monday

If you’re planning to cash in on the Black Friday craze or looking to catch a windfall on Cyber Monday, then you need a comprehensive plan up front. With a comprehensive and ambitious plan, you’ll manage to make the most out of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze. This article looks at 4 tips that can help you roar this Black Friday and Cyber Monday and make record revenues.

Creating a marketing calendar is vital to push through your Black Friday 2017 deals

It’s natural for any merchant to have a marketing plan to enhance their business growth. But, you’ll need to take your marketing strategy up a notch during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So ensure you draw up an ambitious marketing plan upfront so that you don’t miss on anything when the real day comes. Your planned marketing strategy should also cover pre-Black Friday sales, as they are critical to making customers aware of your brand.

Streamline and aggregate your marketing channels to beef up your Black Friday sales

Consistency in your marketing channels (emails, social) is critical to realizing record Black Friday sales, including Cyber Monday. You should not only rely on email marketing to create awareness for your Black Friday online deals or offline deals. Direct your Black Friday ads to social media as well. Social media is a great platform to advertise your Black Friday deals without spending any money. Also, include paid advertising in your marketing strategies to expand your Black Friday promotion outreach.

Creating anticipation is going to boost your Black Friday sales

Creating anticipation means getting your customers and prospects in the know about your early Black Friday deals, real Black Friday deals, and Cyber Monday deals early enough. Make a point to periodically remind them of the promotions as the countdown to Black Friday continues. Building anticipation lets your customers and prospective customers be in the know about your best Black Friday deals.

Keep customers in the know when items are back in stock to ramp up your Black Friday sales

It’s natural for high-demand products to run out of stock, considering the crowds witnessed during the past Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You must initiate a plan to ensure your suppliers deliver those out of stock products fast enough. When the products are delivered, notify customers of their availability to enable them to continue buying to avoid loss of sales.


To realize a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns, planning is critical. These tips will not only make you well prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but they will enable you to maximize your sales as well.

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