4 Myths about Black Friday Deals You Should Know

4 Myths about Black Friday Deals You Should Know

Each year, consumers flock brick-and-motor stores and e-commerce websites to hunt for the best deals on Black Friday. Some consumers go to the extreme to stay out all night or hunch over their computers for long hours to compare prices in a bid to find the best Black Friday deals. The big question, however, is: Do Black Friday deals reflect what is advertised? This column highlights what’s just a marketing gimmick and what’s real regarding Black Friday deals:

Black Friday deals are always advertised

Retailers exercise a high level of secrecy when rolling out their Black Friday deals. Ideally, they only want their customers to be in the know about the top Black Friday deals. Retailers are well aware that plastering these bargain prices on their Black Friday ads will only trigger competitors to drop their prices further. The sentiment that Black Friday deals are always advertised is not true. Small-sized retailers don’t have the resources to place ads on every product like large retail players such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. So they only list a few items on Black Friday deals, but when you visit their store, you’ll find that all products have the same impressive discounts.

The best Black Friday deals online can only be found using your computer

Some years back, if you got your eyes off the computer during Black Friday, you were sure to miss out on the best deals of the year. Technological advancements have changed things up. Smarts apps have been invented that alert you of great Black Fridays deals anywhere and anytime through your mobile device. Price alert apps such as RankTracker, price tracker for Amazon and PriceRadar can inform you of an awesome deal or price drop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Pressing on the buy button on the best Black Friday deals online guarantees a successful product purchase

During Black Friday shopping day, e-commerce stores experience a ton of traffic like physical stores. High demand products run out of stock in a matter of minutes. Prices also change in seconds. All these activities make it challenging for merchants to update their e-commerce website’s stock to synchronize with the actual stock. This means that you can click that buy button on an e-commerce site and get an email notification later that the product is available. So unless you get an email confirming successful purchase and shipping notification, you shouldn’t pop that Champaign just yet.

Retail outlets selling luxury products don’t offer Black Friday sales promotions

Although luxury retail stores don’t put much emphasis on Black Friday, they still offer deals on those luxury products. However, the promotion tends to be secretive. They mainly focus on providing such Black Friday deals to their loyal customers.

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