4 Leadership Lessons to Learn From Black Friday Shopping

4 Leadership Lessons to Learn From Black Friday Shopping

The countdown to Black Friday is an exhilarating time for many shoppers. When the real day comes, thousands of customers flock retail outlets as early as 4.am. And they are ready to stay put until midnight when the last store closes. In the long run, the wait is well worth it as the incredible money they save cannot be replicated in any other situation. However, the lessons of successful Black Friday discount hunting can be reflected on leadership as well. Here’s how?

    Have an ambitious plan for Black Friday sales

Just like smart shoppers draw up ambitious plans to get the most of Black Friday, you also need to get to grips with the requirements of actualizing your Black Friday goals. It’s a proven fact that writing down your tactics, objectives, goals, and strategies significantly increase your odds of the best Black Friday deals.

  Train your sights on the ultimate prize during Black Friday shopping

It easy for shoppers to be distracted by the glittering array of gizmos, gadgets, including the enormous crowds experienced during Black Friday sales. You too can get distracted by everything that comes with the Black Friday craze. So, after writing down your Black Friday plan, make it available to everyone to keep you and your Black Friday sales team focused. It will be your reference point when variables come your way. Otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of partaking in Black Friday if you end up with a Samsung Galaxy S6 when your objective was to grab a Samsung S8 edge.

 Make Black Friday shopping a team effort

Accustomed Black Friday shoppers recognize the fact that they can’t be in two locations at the same time. To optimize their black Friday shopping impact, they work as a team. And, reflecting on that, if you want to make your Black Friday successful, you must build a strong team. Every employee is endowed with unique skills, abilities, and experiences and you’re bound to achieve a lot more during this Black Friday if you tap into those attributes. Make a point to also involve your team in the initial planning for your black Friday.

 Fight for your team to succeed in Black Friday sales

While violence of any kind is not entertained in any workplace, as a leader, you must be able to stick it up for your team. That means fighting for your team or your drawn up plan. You must be ready to logically demand the right budget allocation for your Black Friday sales efforts or fight for your team’s welfare. A great leader isn’t afraid to fight for what they believe in.

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